Many people replace alcohol with food or other unhealthy habits. With that being said, I personally have seen and know lots of people who used their recovery as a catalyst to start taking their health and nutrition more seriously. However, there are an equal number of reasons to get sober and stay sober. Some are as personal to addicts as their reasons for using, but others are more universal. Nine of those are listed here if you need some inspiration to get sober or to assist you with a battle against temptation or difficulty. Breaking the cycle of addiction can positively influence children and future generations by demonstrating healthy behaviors and coping mechanisms.

Alcohol interrupts REM sleep (the most restorative period) and dilutes the ability to form memories in the night. As a result, a night of drinking usually results in a morning of grogginess. Recovery allows you to get to know the real you and learn to love that person. The anxiety and tension that comes along with being an addict or alcoholic is hard to explain. If you are sitting you want to stand, if you are standing you want to sit.

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It frees you from these things that hold you back, giving you the opportunity to have deeper and more meaningful connections and engage in activities that bring you joy. Sobriety can also help improve your mental health, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety and helping you experience a greater sense of well-being. There’s a strong connection between substance use disorders and sleep disorders.

LSD has been shown to cause hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, and self-harmful behaviors. The risk of suicide is greatly heightened in PCP users. Studies have shown that regular users of marijuana are three-and-a-half times more likely to have any psychiatric diagnosis and nearly four times more likely to have a depressive reasons to stay sober disorder. Marijuana users are also more likely to live with schizophrenia, and experience paranoia and hallucinations. Additionally, children of addicts are more than twice as lucky to suffer physical and/or sexual abuse at the hands of their parents. Finally, accept that some relationships are irreparable.

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Staying sober allows people to nurture and sustain positive relationships. By prioritizing sobriety, individuals can continue to build strong connections with loved ones, fostering a supportive and fulfilling social network. Did people disrespect you when you used drugs or alcohol? You’ve worked so hard to get sober—staying that way is a very respectful thing to do! It is much easier to demand the respect of others if you are not using drugs or alcohol.

By abstaining from drugs and alcohol, individuals also decrease their risk of developing mental health disorders or experiencing relapse. Sobriety brings higher levels of energy and motivation, enabling individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations with renewed vigor. Sobriety is about regaining command over your life and making wiser choices. It necessitates hard work, determination, and a commitment to personal growth. Sobriety encompasses more than simply abstaining from drugs or alcohol; it involves enhancing your physical and mental well-being. Remember, the journey to sobriety is unique for each individual.

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The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. Remember how it felt to disappoint those you loved over and over again? Perhaps you stole or borrowed money that you never paid back. What about the countless promises that you were going to do better only to fall short again? Sobriety is an opportunity to become the son, daughter, parent or friend that you’ve always wanted to be. Now you finally get a chance to repair the harm you caused in the past as a result of drinking and using.

Stay sober so that you can remain positive and be a role model to others. If not to your children, to others in peer groups such as Pocket Rehab, or at your AA/NA meetings. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, The Recovery Village can help. Reach out to us today to begin living a substance-free life.