Weekly team meetings or one-on-one conferences are about to get much more fun for remote teams. You don’t need to be in the same room to enjoy these icebreakers. Workplaces always thrive when everyone knows each other well, but it’s challenging to do that with busy schedules. You and your coworkers can bond in new ways and develop deeper relationships even if everyone works remotely. Our list of 35 different virtual icebreakers and team-building activities for 2023 have all been tried, tested, and enjoyed by team Slido – even by the introverts among us.

Others may have shared the same interests, which leads to team bonding. People can name their hometowns or mention how many times they moved during childhood to start an icebreaker that spans states and countries. Flip the typical conversation on its head by asking everyone to name a song they always skip if it comes on the radio. You’ll get to know everyone while people playfully defend their favorite artists.

Pick a personality quiz

Whether you’re running a meeting, hosting a training, webinar, or speaking at an event, polls are your best friend. There’s nothing better than a good trivia quiz, which at first glance may just seem like an easy way to… If you need inspiration for Never Have I Ever questions, find 250 of them here. It’s a Swedish word often interpreted as ‘a coffee and cake break’. Ask people to submit what they are grateful for or who from the team they would like to thank.

Get to know the other members of your team and share something interesting about yourself in this quick energiser activity. The participant who locates the most required items within the timeframe or shows each item on screen first wins the round. The goal of the scavenger hunt is to engage team members to  locate or photograph particular objects within a specified time limit. Would You Rather is a creative way to discover team members’ interests and values.

Take a Picture of…

Get over the stiff vibes of a Zoom meeting with a quick online game that everyone can enjoy like this one. There are many ice breakers that can be used for the holiday season. Some of them are seasonal, while others can be used at any time of the year. The following icebreakers icebreakers for virtual meetings are designed to engage participants in a conversation about something related to the holidays. These book-themed trivia and ice breaker questions are not just for book clubs they can be used in any environment where you want to help build meaningful relationships.

funny icebreakers for virtual meetings

Someone may have had front-row seats to a Taylor Swift concert, while another met Chris Evans at a coffee shop. You’ll immediately learn which celebrities everyone likes, which reveals what kinds of movies, TV shows, and music they like. There are numerous websites where you can make a poll and get a private link for it. Your coworkers could answer the survey in real-time during a meeting or before a conference call. Our People team has recently done a wine-tasting call and it was a great team bonding experience. 💡 Tip
Don’t forget to give people enough time to think about their story and prepare for the short presentation.

Childhood-Based Virtual Icebreakers

This is an excellent bonding game, especially if new staff is added to the team. This fun meeting icebreaker game is an efficient and fun way to get colleagues to interact quickly. If you’re looking for an easy team meeting icebreaker to liven up a group event or kick off an online meeting with a fun game, then the One Common Thing Icebreaker is a great option. This game requires no setup and is sure to set the tone for a successful gathering.

Or are you planning a virtual meeting with participants who might feel a little awkward or intimidated? Whatever the situation, icebreaker questions are the perfect tool for breaking down barriers and encouraging team members to connect and interact with each other. Icebreaker questions are conversation starters designed to, well, break the ice! They’re a fun and lighthearted way to get people talking, connecting, and feeling more comfortable with one another. Think of them as those little sparks that can ignite powerful conversations and create memorable moments together. It requires no effort to use icebreaker questions to break silence or easily start a conversation during virtual meetings.

In this manner, everyone gets a chance to speak something good about their colleagues. The group leader or manager can ask the other team members to think of where the company would stand in the next 5 years. Charades is something that all of you must have played with your family members and friends. Now, all those members whose birthday is in the month of January need to switch on their cameras when it is called out. During this time, the other members shall make a note of all the people who celebrate their birthdays in January. To make it a little more challenging and to have some more fun, instead of “ëe”, you can choose to replace the vowels with other letters like “oo” or “ii”.