Pursuing the report of poll Messrs

April 11th.-In the Election of Refuge Commissioners Chief Scott proposed, and you may Mr. J. H. Harrison seconded this new re-election out-of George Danby-Palmer, Esq., “so you can exactly who the city is actually greatly in debt to possess their much time and worthwhile properties.” Mr. T. Lettis, junr., proposed, and you will Mr. Henry Danby-Palmer seconded Mr. J. Barker. Mr. F. Palmer suggested and you will Captain Briggs seconded H. Hammond Esq.; and you will Mr. G. Blake proposed, and Chief Manthorpe seconded Mr. D. A. Gourlay, whereupon the 2 previous was declared as decided to go with Commissioners, and also the a few latter Supernumerary Commissioners.

Another are the consequence of the fresh new Guardians’ Election:-North Ward: Messrs. J. Mainprice, S. Nightingale, and you can Elizabeth. H. L. Preston lso are-decided on. Market Ward: Messrs. D. Good. Gourlay, C. C. Aldred, and W. Rules, re-elected. W. Worship, S. C. Marsh, and you can R. D. Hairdresser, re-opted. St. George’s Ward: Messrs. B. Fenn and you will J. Grams. Plummer, re-decided on, that have Mr. T. Foreman as opposed to Mr. J. Clark retired, along with the newest Nelson Ward (Mr. J. H. Harrison with resigned) the brand new polling are-Brightwen 402, Woolverton 431, Reynolds 309, Clark 339, and Moore 287, Mr. Clark therefore bringing the place of Mr.

April 18th.-During the yearly Vestry Conference there clearly was a massive attendance. The fresh Rev. George Mountains presided, and you may Mr. Hammond recommended, and you may Mr. T. Brightwen seconded, the new re also-election out of C. S. D. Steward as the Churchwarden. Mr. Yard upcoming recommended Mr. George Danby-Palmer, however, one guy declined this new honour and you will informed me your reasoning why however maybe not pay the Chapel Rates is that Churchwardens, while clicking the indegent, discharged the brand new steeped, and particularly Mr. Talbot, regarding payment of the tax. Mr. B. Fenn advised, p. 212 and Mr. S. C. Marsh seconded Mr. Edward Aldred; Mr. J. H. Harrison and you can Mr. Neave managed this new meeting in the midst of “higher uproar,” and in the end the appointment from Mr. Steward and you can Mr. Aldred is sent by the a massive vast majority. Messrs. Hammond, Fenn, and Harrison were designated a panel to seem into the matter of the St. Nicholas House, and you Kreikka avioliittovirasto may Mr. Roentgen. Hammond is lso are-appointed Auditor of your own Vestry’s profile.

Regent Ward: Messrs

April 25th.-The brand new Line-walks “which in fact had caused like great irritation” were to come-off, in addition to adopting the compensations had been paid back to help you owners of all of them:-Mr. Bracey, ?750; Mr. T. Lettis, jun., ?550; Mr. Green, an annuity to possess themselves and you may Mrs. Eco-friendly comparable to ?420; and to Mr. R. Barber (that has declined ?200), ?615 within the honor of C. Evans, Esq., off Norwich.

April 29th.-A conference was actually held on Mr. Paget’s later residence for the intended purpose of developing a college away from Navigation in connection with the institution regarding Art.

May 2nd.-An excellent petition in preference of getting rid of Jewish Disabilities was becoming signed from the urban area, together with mond, J. W. Shelly, J. Fenn, D. A good. Gourlay, W. Johnson, P. Pullyn, and you can R. Steward, Esqs., had supported the fresh way.

May sixth.-The complete Police force (apart from the latest Superintendent) had been administered that month’s find to avoid the newest force, that have independence to apply for re-meeting.

Can get 16th.-A good petition, signed because of the Age. H. L. Preston and you will Roentgen. Ferrier, Esqs., (Mr. C. Moore getting surety towards the necessary ?step one,000), was about is lodged from the go back from Messrs. McCullagh and you may Watkin.


May 23rd.-A young woman, remaining in the fresh Star and Garter Row, was charged up until the Justices “having dishonestly detaining a silver p. 213 mace, the house or property of the Corporation.” Offender mentioned that she didn’t see where it had been, however, one to their mommy, who had been inactive 3 years, “wanted that it is buried together with her.” The way it is try adjourned to possess weekly, in the event that offender “bounced away from Court.”