Urinate Pants: Zero, I enjoy the newest h2o *inside* some body

Shake: I will Perform What i Wanted, Whenever i Require, And just how I’d like. With no Mother – you pay attention to me personally, Band-Help? .

Shake: A good! Since I’m “done” hearing you! I have got an excellent curse for your requirements, it’s called “tomorrow early morning, your own ass are outta right here”. I want back to sleep.

Glass-Bottom Boat Head: Okay, and you may we docked, and i also become a small sexy

Carl: [Discussing the fresh loation on the Meters.C. Urinate Jeans] 612 Wharf Avenue! That is the old warehouse off around because of the Melon Shakers. I am talking about. the latest. Gentleman’s Club.

Meters.C. Urinate Pants: Research my shniggies, I’d good strizoke inside my brizain, okay, guess what I am sayin’? Thus i are unable to disperse the a good.

Carl: [in the center of “washing” a car or truck] Your. do you think we want to bring a unique citation at this? Produce I am nevertheless viewing certain decorate here, and it’s startin’ to MOCK me personally!

Yards.C. How often I gotta show which, guy? I am insane! We consume somebody-liquid. No an individual’s gonna hire a people-liquid eater!

Shake: [singing, to Danois service de rencontres pour femmes experience guitar when you’re Meatwad takes on MC Pee Trousers regarding records] You make me end up being. psychological. Meatwad, change you to definitely off!

Carl: Oh guy, I can not wait. I got the petroleum, the fresh new candles, the really works. When does one to babe get here?

Learn Shake: Carl, dont reference their while the good hottie, delight. She actually is a great Chechnyan prostitute and make reference to their particular as a result.

Ignignokt: Do you use the other end away from – [sees Frylock floating because of the home, blazing at the all of them]. Oh. Hey, guy.

Err: [whispering] ‘Kay, give myself you to hose. [an eco-friendly line appears spewing moonajuana smoke. Giggles out-of Err and you can Ignignokt] Ok, begin pushin’ they.

Ol’ Drippy: Well, genuine dolls costs money, and you may I would instead only use this new endless energy out of my personal creative imagination. Ain’t had zero damn currency.

Just who off truth be told there desires to meet the captain and you can end up being alluring which have him?

[Master Shake makes chaos of one’s kitchen area. Frylock enjoys sent your into shop buying clean up supplies]

Master Move: Do not. search, you to definitely space is dry for me now. How about we result in the family area new kitchen area? Huh? Now, I am aware exactly what some of you is generally considering: Move, where’s the latest stove?

Grasp Move: That space was deceased for me. Let us burn off on the kitchen area and employ the fresh living room because a home from now on. Look, here’s our stove.

Glass-Base Watercraft Chief: Hey. This is your chief speaking. Thanks for visiting new glass-bottom vessel trip during the world renowned Trenton Tar Pits. I recently want to show I’m a convicted sex offender.

Glass-Base Ship Master: Oh-no, women’s and you may gentlemen, now we’re becoming assaulted. Check out their left-over brand new Tarboard front. Large tiny Tar Beasts.

Glass-Base Motorboat Chief: Okay, I’m straight back, and you may our company is safer, women’s and you will gentlemen. They don’t feel harassing you any more. We chased all of them from with my nudity.

Romulox: Just two different people around the world have the Simple-Flo shoulder, plus one ones was entitled Bruce Willis.

Romulox: Oh this type of, yeah, they’ve been the initial yellows. Oh, I didn’t visit your knock-offs around. Sweet. You opting for that ironic search, or the “browse, There isn’t hardly any money” look?

Learn Move: Men, we have a period of time host. And you will *this* is key in order to Frylock’s wellness. We can split it aside, light it burning, and you may cigarette the latest cancers out!

Carl: Ok last one, good morning for you, Mr. Restaurants Beast. This is the way it’s goin’. Examine my FRICKIN’ Vehicles. It is soil so you can bejeezus and you may back.

Carl: Oh hello there, Mr. Dining Beast, this is how it’s going! My vehicle has been crushed, brand new Bejesus and back!